Curiousities of Spring

 ‘ There is nothing lovelier on this planet than a flower and more essential than a plant’ P.Tomkins 


Artists statement.


A time where we stop to smell the flowers, to pick them for our lover/s, to live with flora in our homes. A season when nature is heightened in our lives; the bee’s are louder, the birds are more active and growth occurs..maybe more than just in the botanical world.

Let me explain….

I am  a bit of a botanical fanatic, at any time of the year. I find flowers to be incredibly interesting and equally beautiful artifacts to work with. How could I not indulge in a study of Spring!

These illustrations present dreamed up interactions between plant and human elements and look into the mystery and quirky characteristics that are similar in both species. The pictures are organically a blend of my life perceptions and interest in spiritual philosophy. Namely the Buddhist notion of mindfulness, looking at when we are in a higher state of being, with a focus on the present moment, one can really experience the world more deeply.

My collection of minimalist pictures look to open up a space of contemplation. One of curiosity and awareness! By sensitively glorifying nature, I hope to suggest connection. As if we are going to care about the environment, we need to relate to it.

So step into the contemplation cubby for a while (or just really stare at it) and just ‘be’


One thought on “Curiousities of Spring

  1. Kyla I love your work. I understand your concept, I also am passionate about flora and I press and
    Preserve the beauty in frames. There is something so very special about nature to me and you
    Capture its essence so very beautifully.
    Mindfulness is a wonderful gift to learn. You are at one with nature.
    You see the beauty that may have passed you by.

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