More dancing, more flowers and more love making

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    I don’t know about you… but when the right book finds me at the right time, I am in total absorption mode for a little while! As I have been increasingly questioning living life to my own happiness and potential recently, so many triggers in this short precious life! But when the first questioning came I thought what’s wrong with me, snap out of it, I should be super content with how my life is but I am and that is not the reason…. I was seeking to find ways to live in a more authentic ‘me’ way . I was just in Blue Mountains for the weekend and came across ‘The Happiness Project’ , I have been drawn to books of this nature since I was about 13, but when I saw the author’s (Gretchen Rubin) ten commandments, one being ‘be Gretchen’ another being ‘act the way I want to feel’ , It was only right.

After a few nice comments from friends about gratitude posts and appreciation for my online presence, I decided Id like to share my recent learning’s and own thoughts on happiness. ‘Act the way I want to feel”, an approach founded by the author, which looks at “although we presume that we act because of the way we feel, in fact we often feel because of the way we act“. This reversal of perspective has resonated with me most, I’ve been making more conscious choices towards this intention like;

  • Turning up the radio in the car to songs that make me dance and just really embracing that moment , when I get to my destination I feel super energised, especially when say The Presets come on before a workout at the gym and you get out of the car thinking ‘act normal’.
  •  Dressing in clothes that make you feel a certain way; when I am feeling less confident putting on my linen coat makes me feel happy and fine in my own skin or if I am feeling lazy or tired just the act of putting on your yoga pants pushes you into doing some stretches or having a walk
  • Lately I have made more of an effort to open up to certain people in my life that I really like but had a mental barrier up with (intimidated by or shy around). Just this little bit of courage has added up to me feeling more myself as I am not shying away from expressing myself and connecting with people always makes you feel great!

Another sustainable Happiness approach the author introduced me to is ‘what you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while’ G. Rubin, I totally agree that creating these little moments of Joy are what add up to a happy person. Here are my recent pieces of gold:

  • To not be afraid to laugh on my own or at myself– It totally makes life more playful and helps making mistakes, easier on the ego because you can laugh at yourself and get over it like you would with friends.
  • Well I have always been average on drinking water, so doing that more – makes me feel good like I am working towards a healthier me…Thanks to my best friend Lyndal whose shock at my water drinking got me thinking!
  • More rituals that always make me feel good; baths with Epsom salts or coconut oil, more reading on rainy afternoons and just more reading, more Massages – (wow last week I found a great place- $30 for an intense oil massage (one of the best I ve ever had!!) ‘Why Knot, Chinese Massage in Ulludulla- get there!!
  • More fresh food that makes you feel alive because it is; strawberries, Leafy greens and herbs from the garden on almost everything, avocado, pears,
  • More sensual dinners that make your nose pleased and your body and mind too
  • Give someone a gift from your garden or a creation or pass on something you think they would like
  • Work away on project/s that make you feel fulfilled ; my painting and creating is my life project,all the smaller projects within that (commissions, exhibitions) I recently have tried to carry out a bit slower and enjoy the process- each day I can plot away at something and its very nice!
  • Tick off one of those goals you have had on your list forever, work away at bringing it to life! Mine was ‘make a book club’ and recently I brought together a diverse bunch of local women and it is the most special thing- all making new connections, having many laughs and sharing new book yumminess.
  • Be Silly everyday– Adam and I spend so much time pulling faces, doing silly dances and that makes up for so much of my happiness
  • Contact the people you care about.. regularly ( this is an intention I am setting), as I am very inconsistent with this one
  • Being mindful or what it is that takes your breath away, excites you, brightens you, connects you and implement more of it!! *On this note, I find myself picking more flowers, wearing more orange lips, doing more yoga, more love making, more time with fun friends, more dancing, more silliness and more yoga
  • Express your gratitude in someway, whether its voiced to someone , written in a personal journal or through your Instagram photos. Adam, my husband and I have started sharing this experience and it’s really nice- It actually is a real connecting experience too.
  • Be honest, If you have a nice thought- do not ever hold it back, it would be a crime : )

I am going to be honest now, If you have made the effort to read my little thoughts you have made me so happy! There is something incredibly raw about sharing your own everyday means happiness…but if you will- Id love to hear yours?