You had me at Hello!

52 hello's


Hello, hola, Hallo, Selam, Bonjour, Aloha

All a way to connect with someone.  One word that even if you don’t speak the language, you usually understand what it means.

I read just now that the word ‘hello’ in english was first attested in writing in around 1860.

A word that is so full of possibilities like…will just saying hello to someone mean making a new best friend (That happened to me on one of the first days of year 7 on the school bus and we are still best friends) ? , or could it mean making a ‘small world’ connection or just that it makes your bus ride and day that much more connected to the world and that little bit more joyful.

I am spreading Hello’s to strangers and friend’s alike.  People that inspire me, people that i would like to get to know a little better, people that are similar to me, people who a letter would brighten their day. But like saying hello in real life, writing a letter can be sometimes deep, sometimes light, sometimes challenging. With a total awareness that you don’t want the letter to fall under ‘small talk’, it must be tailored for the reader, written and shaped around the very thought of that person.

hello page

And once you get on a roll and past that blank page fear, you lose that sense of a fear of judgement and its just you and the quiet room, with the pen extending your thoughts.

In a time of photoshop, filters and spellcheck- its quite a raw exercise. But that’s also whats nice about it, you are true to yourself in that moment and whatever product comes out of it, is what it will be.


And it feels like a tiny bit of a creative accomplishment, even if its out of my domain as a painter. It feels good to express yourself and like sharing a piece of your art wit a friend, a letter is quite a similar vulnerable act.

I have written just 7 letters so far. Because it shouldn’t be rushed, its a slow art form, a thoughtful exercise. I love the slow arts so much…but i’ll talk to you about that the next time i check in ; )

This 52 hello’s idea came from an incredible book I recently read called ‘Craft for the Soul’ by Pip Lincolne. You can see more of her and her projects here


I am still feeling so excited by this exercise you never know what is on the other side of Hello…

Stay connected,

Kyla x

Ps. do let me know if you would like a letter or if you would like to write to me.

~ S.W.A.L.K ~