You had me at Hello!

52 hello's


Hello, hola, Hallo, Selam, Bonjour, Aloha

All a way to connect with someone.  One word that even if you don’t speak the language, you usually understand what it means.

I read just now that the word ‘hello’ in english was first attested in writing in around 1860.

A word that is so full of possibilities like…will just saying hello to someone mean making a new best friend (That happened to me on one of the first days of year 7 on the school bus and we are still best friends) ? , or could it mean making a ‘small world’ connection or just that it makes your bus ride and day that much more connected to the world and that little bit more joyful.

I am spreading Hello’s to strangers and friend’s alike.  People that inspire me, people that i would like to get to know a little better, people that are similar to me, people who a letter would brighten their day. But like saying hello in real life, writing a letter can be sometimes deep, sometimes light, sometimes challenging. With a total awareness that you don’t want the letter to fall under ‘small talk’, it must be tailored for the reader, written and shaped around the very thought of that person.

hello page

And once you get on a roll and past that blank page fear, you lose that sense of a fear of judgement and its just you and the quiet room, with the pen extending your thoughts.

In a time of photoshop, filters and spellcheck- its quite a raw exercise. But that’s also whats nice about it, you are true to yourself in that moment and whatever product comes out of it, is what it will be.


And it feels like a tiny bit of a creative accomplishment, even if its out of my domain as a painter. It feels good to express yourself and like sharing a piece of your art wit a friend, a letter is quite a similar vulnerable act.

I have written just 7 letters so far. Because it shouldn’t be rushed, its a slow art form, a thoughtful exercise. I love the slow arts so much…but i’ll talk to you about that the next time i check in ; )

This 52 hello’s idea came from an incredible book I recently read called ‘Craft for the Soul’ by Pip Lincolne. You can see more of her and her projects here


I am still feeling so excited by this exercise you never know what is on the other side of Hello…

Stay connected,

Kyla x

Ps. do let me know if you would like a letter or if you would like to write to me.

~ S.W.A.L.K ~


When I am travelling I…..


Are you the best version of yourself when on holidays ?

I know I am; stripped back, free, fun, silly, open minded, easily social with strangers and curious about everything.

Not only attitude wise,but even my habits are better!! Like getting up and starting the day with some stretches or exercises is what my partner and I did on many of our longer trips. Also living in parallel with how you feel, like “I am enjoying this book, I might just continue reading all day”  ( “washing clothes can wait till tomorrow” sort of thinking) .

I realize its the time thing, but its more than that, its also just a way of thinking!

Yesterday I had one of those weird days, I was even going to skip the lovely yoga class I had planned with a friend, I was feeling that flat. But then, i took myself down to the beach to kill time before the class ….. And it looked so calm and dreamy. I saw a couple of young men who looked to be tourists, all baffled by the view and taking lots of photos. That sat in my mind as I wandered down onto the sand with my book, I sat there and desired hopping in the water. I went over it in my mind and thought if I was on holidays I would hop in. I wouldn’t miss an experience in a beautiful place, when travelling!

So I ran and put my swimmers on and it felt empowering to jump in, as I went with that natural desire. I got out and walked up the beach collecting shells. Realizing now that my mind and body had been renewed by this tiny choice!

Also realizing that Its often not even a holiday that’s needed but sometimes just taping into the free spirit and the ability to see where you are now, with fresh eyes!

I am really interested in exploring this idea further, as I think it could inspire all of us to live more refreshed, content lives…even on work days!

drink the wild air

So I pose you this question ~ what do you do whilst travelling that’s different to your everyday?

I am really interested to see if its a universal thing, that holiday head frame and how we can tuck more relaxation and happiness into each day.

I am going to challenge myself for a week, to implement into each day something I do whilst travelling.  Feel free to join in and share your experience with me, here’s some idea’s I have (but I think they will present themselves more naturally);

  • Give a stranger your time eg. conversation, help
  • do something you have never done before
  • minimize coffee intake
  • Read books that open your mind
  • relax, especially if you feel you don’t have time too
  • eat something new, without judgement
  • Give your trust to someone you come in contact with
  • find somewhere quiet to reflect
  • listen to your body more eg. does it need a stretch or a rest
  • write a journal recording your experience of your own everyday life, once you do you will realize its full of interesting and beautiful experiences
  • see small changes in your day, as opportunities to grow and experience
  • Lay in the sun or in a beautiful spot outdoors and don’t see it as wasted time

Happy Travels,

Kyla x

Meditate on this …..


I have recently been asked by a few people for some advice on meditating and turning their mind off. As I am no wise old warrior that can give advice in a few words, I decided to write a little.. well think aloud on what I have learnt to maybe assist these friends and any one else …

I was encouraged to think about my own experiences with meditation after telling my partner about the message from a friend seeking advice and Adam answering with “but I haven’t seen you meditate for a long time” and I answered with “you don’t need to be on a meditation cushion to meditate”…..” as weeding, walking on my own in nature, dancing to live music, making something with my hands to be meditation” …he wasn’t sold, so I brought out to him my journal as he watered the garden and like a nerd read him a quote I had written down the day before….

“Any time we are fully present in the moment, we are meditating”  J.Borysenko – He smiled and let that sink in ….

14006_537511089717335_2823471541528079107_n (1)

I got to thinking about how meditation, can be the concentration on one thing and how in my experience it actually took a little bit of other perspective work to reach this state of being. A book that came into my young little hands and put me on my little way was ‘Simple Abundance; a daybook of comfort and joy’ by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Simple Abundance meaning; inner journey 2; a spiritual and practical course in creative living 3; a tapestry of contentment

Ban Breathnach suggests six threads to work on for an abundant life and I think they also are a good starter for bringing a more peaceful mind….

Gratitude; when we do a mental and spiritual inventory of all that we have, we realise that we are very rich indeed. Gratitude leads to Simplicity ; the desire to clear out, pare down and realize the essentials of what we need to live truly well. Simplicity brings with it Order ; both internally and externally. A sense of order brings us harmony. Harmony ; provides us with the inner peace we need to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us each day and beauty opens us to Joy”

Here are some little habits I have learnt , that will slowly but surely infect you with more peace and quiet…

* Be honest; if you have a grateful thought – never ever hesitate to share it, even if you feel like a goose- express how grateful you are for a beautiful clear day, for someones happy face, for someones company, for someones talent they share with you, for a strangers down to earth convo on the street…. respond to it all with an appreciative smile or few words : ) As a grateful mind is a peaceful one.

*Do something regularly that connects your body with your mind; my zen activities are yoga, dancing and paddle boarding. Each involve different sorts of energy but all quiet the mind, while the body takes over for a bit. We all need that, a little mind break.


*Play music that really feeds your soul- and listen to it while doing nothing at all…a song that I enjoy like this is Xavier Rudd’s- Follow the sun, its contemplative without even delving into your own thoughts. More so just feeding you good feelings!

*A nice ritual my partner passed on, is to find a special place, a lookout over the beach or at some quiet place outdoors with a beer at sundown and simply appreciate. And don’t just do this on special occasions like a date, bring this into you life as much as you can.

*Practice listening more, I have only learnt this in the last couple of years. As i feel like we have this thing in our head that we have to contribute our opinions all the time, but sometimes its nice to be the quiet one and listen, really listen to others


*Try one task at a time more when doing house chores, instead of multi-tasking to the max. This one I am constantly fighting as I work as a Personal assistant and I come home with that same efficiency intent. But when you actually just focus on the act of washing the dishes, it’s actually quite relaxing letting your hands do the work and letting your head switch off for 15 minutes.

* Put your legs up a wall or a tree, close your eyes, arms at your side with palms up and breathe naturally, this inversion is so good in your break from work or at the end of your day, easing stress and calming the mind.


* Also accepting yourself for all your imperfections, can bring about a lot of peace and clear a lot of mental chatter. Write down a list of ten things you love about yourself physically; all your little quirks and things that make you, you. Then write down a list of ten things you love about your personality and nature. Reference this when needed ; )


In-genius words: Marilyn Monroe

*But also forget about your ego often and tap into your beautiful spirit and laugh; find more things to laugh about, hang with people who make you laugh and just be silly, so you can laugh at yourself more – This will make your mind less serious and more joyous…I am taking a page from Dalai Lama’s book here I think, he is always giggling!

I hope you can meditate on/with these little tasks and find more joy, quiet and calm.

Kyla x




Photo credit: Jesse Bradford


One of the things I am most stoked with now, is my hippy upbringing.

Allow me to explain..

When I was younger, I didn’t know we were hippies until my freind’s in primary school started saying to me “Is your mum a hippy?” and I’d think “I don’t know !?” haha. But as I started staying with other freinds aside from my parents freinds kids, I started realising other people’s houses were different; they didn’t have different types of cutlery and colourful eclectic bits all around their houses and music playing all the time and they just smelt different.

Although at certain ages i struggled with going to the opshop with my mum all the time, i complained about the smells and I wanted what other people had, which now I look at and think how silly, but I was just a kid with feelings of wanting to fit in.

I look back at how my parents were and still are and I think their ‘hippy’ attitudes are right on target to the person I am today and the person I deep down want to be!

I don’t know if you would narrow it down to just being ‘hippy’, but that’s how I see it in its simplest light. But so much of what my parents showed me to care about was other people and nature. And they are today my two favourite interests, as you may have noticed in my art.  Fun was found in music and dancing (my parents are both great movers!), playing music, books, camping, fishing and gardening. All of this was simple and didn’t revolve around money and that in itself taught me alot about how I wish to operate in my life.

Living well in my upbringing was never based on religion, but from watching my parents was more about being a kind person with compassion. I suppose it makes sense that the both of them mentioning that if they ever followed a faith, it would be Buddhism. I organically found my way there, not as my faith but as some philosophy to be inspired by in living.

And I know that it was my parents Lorne and Kevin, who by their own open mindedness and connections with people of all walks of life, has naturally encouraged me to do the same.

I’ll have to save those stories for another day, for now I sit in appreciation for all the amazing people (hippy by nature) who have shaped me and continue too.

'Allium schoenoprasum'


Kyla x


Everyday Ritual


Seeing spectacular colour’s pop up and noticing the magic of new growth everywhere has made such an impression on me everyday recently.

I have totally fell in Sensual love with the season. Not just for the viewing enjoyment, but for the whole senses experience.That sweet smell in the air when you walk past the right plants, the noisy chatter of the birds indulging in nectar, hearing bee’s; the natural world just feels more happily alive in Spring!

I got so interested that I decided to look into what exactly Spring represents, It is tokened ‘the Season of renewal and replenishment’. That was enough for me and I decided to explore this idea in my art making (Teaser’s to come, next week ).

As I am most content when my everyday rituals flood into my work. On that note with a bit over two weeks until my solo exhibtion I have decided to record my ‘everyday inspiration’, here are the last couple of days… As process is something that I find quite interesting, as Its not just the finished product but the thought patterns behind the work that go into its story.


The intricacies in the Golden Strawflower are worth appreciation. To my eyes they mirror one of those kids Kaleidoscopes you turn, with similar effects of light and layers.


This Kangaroo Paw my darling brought home for me, surprised me as the first day it was just the velvety outer layer to be seen and the next day some flowers appeared! I love the idea of it being beautiful inside and out.

With Inspiration basically in every corner of my little world right now, I am having a Solo show at Now you see me Gallery, you can find more info here on the wonderful space for emerging artists. If you would like to be personally invited to the opening, leave me your postal address.

(My special guests will be receiving their invite about now, Yay!)



garden bed[1]2

This area has been wonderful to explore as its influenced other parts of my life too, not just the planting of flowers but also after thinking about Renewal, I have decided to dedicate more time on the mat for well being.

yoga mat

After all, its all connected, life and work. Edward Carpenter says it better     ” Let your mind be quiet, realizing the beauty of the world, and the immense, the boundless treasures that it holds in store “.

Enjoy Springs precious nature,

Kyla x

Forget yourself, on finding joy.


I wish to share my joy with you today, because what else is joy for!

It was one of those mornings were I woke up really early excited for the day at 6.30am on my day off, even after going to bed at midnight. As my husband Adam is home today after a week away I started the day with music and tidying up (after living like a bit of a grub). It wasn’t until I stopped though, that the real peace and overwhelming joy came.

Allow me to explain…

A couple of hours ago I took myself out for breakfast just after a visit to my local newsagent, were I found a new mag called ‘Flow’ ; the title,cover had an affect on me and I knew I couldn’t leave without it. I found my favourite sunny seat in the window of a cafe I like to go to. It was definitely the act of slowing down , that allowed me to totally experience the moment I was in.

Naturally an article I came upon was looking at “a begginers mind”, which was about seeing with fresh eyes and without expectation.

I don’t know if you know those moments of euphoria where you feel connected to yourself and your world.

This morning I had one……I sat feeling my heart beating, but my mind gentle,the goodness feeling sucking a spoon of honey, I noticed the gentle breezes caressing the hedge in front of my window, the nostalgia of the Jack Johnson song playing took me back to being a 17 year old girl and the great guy I was with (feeling fondness),  the warmth welled inside as I watched the locals go about their day slowly (or was it just my mind seeing it clearer) and the grounded-ness of these people that touched me ( relaxed clothing, interactions between people-esp the petrol man filling a ladies car as they had a conversation, an older couple holding hands, with their grandchilds arm around his pop’s waist). Its moments like this that I could burst with pure JOY!

Then I came across this quote by Margrit Irgang from book An art of Living and it made sense;

” It happens when we forget ourselves, We forget that our skirt is not the latest fashion, and that we should have washed our hair. We’re not concerned with either the past or the future. We dont make plans and have no regrets. Its as if for a fraction of a second their in a vaccuum, without concious ego. Its a hot day;a car honks outside. Children shout something.And then ….you have a zen moment. It happens just like that. Life pours its heart out, unexpectedly, uninvited. It overwhelms us with a glow that is stronger than anything we have experienced “

Whatever you wish to call these moments, for me it is Joy. But its definitely a state of mindfulness, that is encouraged by breathing and making a conscious choice to ‘do’ nothing.


This work above (Go-to Calm) is dedicated to retaining that mind set. Actually all these recent small works in this installation, I feel are coming closer to sharing and connecting with this idea of the importance of breathe, calm and nature for a more mindful existence.


When and how do you just be free from yourself and experience the moment you are in?


Control and Creativity


I have been thinking increasingly about creating a purely functional, non-clingy relationship with…… my I-phone!

You see its been hot and cold from the start, first I had no desire to invest, then I got given one when my old “dumb” phone stopped working and I promised to myself that I would take it easy and not get so obsessed with this gadget as I saw the world around me becoming. Then what do you know… I got clingy and with all this attention, cracked the screen!  Whilst (to my recollection) taking a styled* pic of my current scene; a new beautiful book and equally beautiful (Bourke st Bakery) chocolate tart together as I sat on a park bench. How Tragic!

In my proud (and pissed off) state I decided to go back to the ol’ favourite: the Samsung flip phone, who stuck around through nights deserted in the rain. Then a few months into it my desire to creatively connect got too much and I got him repaired ….Sucker!

Its funny though, that modern contradiction – one that I and I am sure others think about….to want to live in the ‘present’ moment , to just ‘be’…… And then recording it too. I can see that spaces like Instagram can be both a way of appreciating and showing gratitude on the one hand, but on the other it can totally take you out of the honesty of the moment in the trying to get a good picture. It can totally make a 21st Century mark on a beautiful, pure moment in nature when you are flashing like a strobe light to ensure you get one good picture ( It’s probably the reason I have not many photo’s together with freinds and family regrettably, I get all precious with the time with others- but I totally appreciate other’s who later on have these photos ha!). I don’t regret the what my personal lesson’s in mindfulness have taught me and how they effected my behaviour.

“Mindfulness means non-judgemental awareness. A direct knowing of what is going inside and ouside ourselves, moment by moment” Prof. Mark Williams

For months I have been aware of my addictive tendencies towards the “smart phone”; looking at it in bed before sleeping and on waking,having a look at fb or Instagram just because I have 3 mins waiting in a line , carrying it constantly?

I knew I need to snap out this haze of touching my phone constantly! So the last week I have put in and tried out a couple of rules for myself . Firstly I started by leaving my phone in the loungeroom at night when I go to bed, keeping a sacred space sacred! I can honestly say this has been one of the most refreshing choices. Instead of looking at Instagram for Inspiration for the day, I let myself wake slowly, hop up and go for a glass of water and look out at the day. That is totally what our grandparents would do (let’s be honest they have a lot of wisdom from experience..and years).

The next one is keeping my phone away from me at Breakfast. Focusing on another stimuli while nourishing yourself, is taking away from the enjoyment and gratitude of having food to eat. This week I can say I definitely experienced better toasted museli and Strawberries than last week!

By exploring this I feel more in control, less clingy .

And have far more time to be creative !

Spring and everyday breath.

Blog, Everyday Ritual


It’s Sunday morning, It is Sunny already; perfect for breakfast and a skim through the papers in a favourite seat overlooking Mollymook Beach (We are housesitting for my In laws ; ) . I could of just so easy kept reading in the sun-drenched window seat for another hour, with another coffee as I often do. But I knew a session of Yoga would be epic and set the tone for the day ,  Here’s what I didn’t expect to learn from it:

  • The head you leave with is unbelievable. After a good session of Yoga your mind is so clear and grateful that you feel as though you have so much more precious hours in the day – Try it, I no kid!
  • Impermanence. As I was doing an intense flow yoga – there was one rolling into up dog where I heard a crunch- there goes my wooden wedding ring! (Or was the lesson take your rings of before exercise? ha ha) . Either way luckily this ring was hand crafted by my Pop who made spares for me, as things don’t last forever especially small bits of delicate wood : )
  • Yoga is when I breathe the most relieving breaths. Exhaling through movement is a very important place to let out any built up worry or stress and it feels amazing too!
  • This session made me aware of how important it is, to heighten moments of joy with little props or rituals etc. As when you are about to set up for your session you have the Dvd instruction ready to go, mat or rug- but its also so much better when you set the mood. Naturally with your yoga practice an incense stick is lit, But also before hand when changing into suitable clothes , But its also nice to apply a nice scent or in my case a face oil ( Perfect Potion : Soothe Oil) The lavender, Chamomile and Calendula in this face oil not only relaxes you, but this works as a focus tool also!
  • After being encouraged by the instructor on the DVD to set an intention for your yoga practice. I also took that technique with me that afternoon to the Gym . And I can tell you it was one of the more intense Cardio sessions I’ve had on my own! Adam even came to pick me up to go for a Stand up paddle and beer on the lake and said “wooh!, you look like you have had a good work out”! Which is a compliment to me, as I am very guilty for having very chilled workouts, where I don’t even get a red-faced or sweaty.
  • It is good to workout in gear where you can actually see your body working. In yoga I find it helpful to know how you are positioned and not be constricted by clothes. Yesterday I wore Adams boy leg undies , I was so much more in tune with my body somehow? (Its going to be my treat to get proper bike shorts this week, as It does feel a bit funny walking around the house and even just in pose with a boys pouch!)
  • Doing yoga feels very natural to me and in this way- It makes everything feel more connected: body, mind and Spirit! And to stay sane as an artist, I feel its very important to have these aligned and in working order!

On that note, I am going to get off the computer and chuck on an incense and those shorts ! Spring is an amazing time of renewal, so I hope I can continue daily yoga practice in line with this season, that is said to be a good time to contemplate health and well being, sew new seeds and start new projects. What seeds will you sew?

Kyla x



More dancing, more flowers and more love making

Blog, More dancing, More Flowers and More Love making

    I don’t know about you… but when the right book finds me at the right time, I am in total absorption mode for a little while! As I have been increasingly questioning living life to my own happiness and potential recently, so many triggers in this short precious life! But when the first questioning came I thought what’s wrong with me, snap out of it, I should be super content with how my life is but I am and that is not the reason…. I was seeking to find ways to live in a more authentic ‘me’ way . I was just in Blue Mountains for the weekend and came across ‘The Happiness Project’ , I have been drawn to books of this nature since I was about 13, but when I saw the author’s (Gretchen Rubin) ten commandments, one being ‘be Gretchen’ another being ‘act the way I want to feel’ , It was only right.

After a few nice comments from friends about gratitude posts and appreciation for my online presence, I decided Id like to share my recent learning’s and own thoughts on happiness. ‘Act the way I want to feel”, an approach founded by the author, which looks at “although we presume that we act because of the way we feel, in fact we often feel because of the way we act“. This reversal of perspective has resonated with me most, I’ve been making more conscious choices towards this intention like;

  • Turning up the radio in the car to songs that make me dance and just really embracing that moment , when I get to my destination I feel super energised, especially when say The Presets come on before a workout at the gym and you get out of the car thinking ‘act normal’.
  •  Dressing in clothes that make you feel a certain way; when I am feeling less confident putting on my linen coat makes me feel happy and fine in my own skin or if I am feeling lazy or tired just the act of putting on your yoga pants pushes you into doing some stretches or having a walk
  • Lately I have made more of an effort to open up to certain people in my life that I really like but had a mental barrier up with (intimidated by or shy around). Just this little bit of courage has added up to me feeling more myself as I am not shying away from expressing myself and connecting with people always makes you feel great!

Another sustainable Happiness approach the author introduced me to is ‘what you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while’ G. Rubin, I totally agree that creating these little moments of Joy are what add up to a happy person. Here are my recent pieces of gold:

  • To not be afraid to laugh on my own or at myself– It totally makes life more playful and helps making mistakes, easier on the ego because you can laugh at yourself and get over it like you would with friends.
  • Well I have always been average on drinking water, so doing that more – makes me feel good like I am working towards a healthier me…Thanks to my best friend Lyndal whose shock at my water drinking got me thinking!
  • More rituals that always make me feel good; baths with Epsom salts or coconut oil, more reading on rainy afternoons and just more reading, more Massages – (wow last week I found a great place- $30 for an intense oil massage (one of the best I ve ever had!!) ‘Why Knot, Chinese Massage in Ulludulla- get there!!
  • More fresh food that makes you feel alive because it is; strawberries, Leafy greens and herbs from the garden on almost everything, avocado, pears,
  • More sensual dinners that make your nose pleased and your body and mind too
  • Give someone a gift from your garden or a creation or pass on something you think they would like
  • Work away on project/s that make you feel fulfilled ; my painting and creating is my life project,all the smaller projects within that (commissions, exhibitions) I recently have tried to carry out a bit slower and enjoy the process- each day I can plot away at something and its very nice!
  • Tick off one of those goals you have had on your list forever, work away at bringing it to life! Mine was ‘make a book club’ and recently I brought together a diverse bunch of local women and it is the most special thing- all making new connections, having many laughs and sharing new book yumminess.
  • Be Silly everyday– Adam and I spend so much time pulling faces, doing silly dances and that makes up for so much of my happiness
  • Contact the people you care about.. regularly ( this is an intention I am setting), as I am very inconsistent with this one
  • Being mindful or what it is that takes your breath away, excites you, brightens you, connects you and implement more of it!! *On this note, I find myself picking more flowers, wearing more orange lips, doing more yoga, more love making, more time with fun friends, more dancing, more silliness and more yoga
  • Express your gratitude in someway, whether its voiced to someone , written in a personal journal or through your Instagram photos. Adam, my husband and I have started sharing this experience and it’s really nice- It actually is a real connecting experience too.
  • Be honest, If you have a nice thought- do not ever hold it back, it would be a crime : )

I am going to be honest now, If you have made the effort to read my little thoughts you have made me so happy! There is something incredibly raw about sharing your own everyday means happiness…but if you will- Id love to hear yours?




Everyday magic

Blog, Everyday Magic


I totally believe in Synchronicity ( the experience of two or more events as being meaningfully related), but I haven’t always believed in Magic as tangible in everyday life .

But then my dear friend and boss Tracy passed the book ” Real Magic; Creating miracles in everyday life”, by Dr Wayne Dyer on to me when we were on some deep tangent of brainstorming.

Dyer talks about humans as having two ways of living; “we can choose to function at a lower level of awareness and simply exist; caring for our possessions, eating , drinking, sleeping and managing in the world as pawns of the elements, or we can soar to new and higher levels of awareness allowing ourselves to transcend our environment and literally create a world of our own a world of real magic”.

What I have gotten from Dyer so far is about magic being a looking-glass. That perspective that allows you to move past the idea of the impossible, to move past limits in thinking and to a place where purpose is more important than outcome.

At that same time a friend of mine invited me to be apart of group art exhibition (Titled Making Friends) that looked at    “Everyday artists making magic out of the mundane”, And different parts of my world aligned and I began to realise that all along I had been creating artworks that explored a magic way of ‘being’. In the romanticising of everyday objects, I am consciously creating my own world of magic and transformation. This hybrid -ing of material objects aims to glorify nature’s part  in our lives. Nature has this slowing down/calming effect on me that encourages mindfulness.

And If all my days could be lived with mindfulness and the in tune thinking that comes with this clarity, I would totally feel like a magician…

I would love to know your thoughts on magic?

Kyla xx

PS. Here is some of my collection from the Making Friend ‘s group show at The Project until August 9th, 2014.


‘Mindfulness Tools’, Watercolour and tree sap on paper,2014


‘Domestic Zen’, Watercolour and tree sap on paper, 2014