When I am travelling I…..


Are you the best version of yourself when on holidays ?

I know I am; stripped back, free, fun, silly, open minded, easily social with strangers and curious about everything.

Not only attitude wise,but even my habits are better!! Like getting up and starting the day with some stretches or exercises is what my partner and I did on many of our longer trips. Also living in parallel with how you feel, like “I am enjoying this book, I might just continue reading all day”  ( “washing clothes can wait till tomorrow” sort of thinking) .

I realize its the time thing, but its more than that, its also just a way of thinking!

Yesterday I had one of those weird days, I was even going to skip the lovely yoga class I had planned with a friend, I was feeling that flat. But then, i took myself down to the beach to kill time before the class ….. And it looked so calm and dreamy. I saw a couple of young men who looked to be tourists, all baffled by the view and taking lots of photos. That sat in my mind as I wandered down onto the sand with my book, I sat there and desired hopping in the water. I went over it in my mind and thought if I was on holidays I would hop in. I wouldn’t miss an experience in a beautiful place, when travelling!

So I ran and put my swimmers on and it felt empowering to jump in, as I went with that natural desire. I got out and walked up the beach collecting shells. Realizing now that my mind and body had been renewed by this tiny choice!

Also realizing that Its often not even a holiday that’s needed but sometimes just taping into the free spirit and the ability to see where you are now, with fresh eyes!

I am really interested in exploring this idea further, as I think it could inspire all of us to live more refreshed, content lives…even on work days!

drink the wild air

So I pose you this question ~ what do you do whilst travelling that’s different to your everyday?

I am really interested to see if its a universal thing, that holiday head frame and how we can tuck more relaxation and happiness into each day.

I am going to challenge myself for a week, to implement into each day something I do whilst travelling.  Feel free to join in and share your experience with me, here’s some idea’s I have (but I think they will present themselves more naturally);

  • Give a stranger your time eg. conversation, help
  • do something you have never done before
  • minimize coffee intake
  • Read books that open your mind
  • relax, especially if you feel you don’t have time too
  • eat something new, without judgement
  • Give your trust to someone you come in contact with
  • find somewhere quiet to reflect
  • listen to your body more eg. does it need a stretch or a rest
  • write a journal recording your experience of your own everyday life, once you do you will realize its full of interesting and beautiful experiences
  • see small changes in your day, as opportunities to grow and experience
  • Lay in the sun or in a beautiful spot outdoors and don’t see it as wasted time

Happy Travels,

Kyla x


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