Everyday Ritual


Seeing spectacular colour’s pop up and noticing the magic of new growth everywhere has made such an impression on me everyday recently.

I have totally fell in Sensual love with the season. Not just for the viewing enjoyment, but for the whole senses experience.That sweet smell in the air when you walk past the right plants, the noisy chatter of the birds indulging in nectar, hearing bee’s; the natural world just feels more happily alive in Spring!

I got so interested that I decided to look into what exactly Spring represents, It is tokened ‘the Season of renewal and replenishment’. That was enough for me and I decided to explore this idea in my art making (Teaser’s to come, next week ).

As I am most content when my everyday rituals flood into my work. On that note with a bit over two weeks until my solo exhibtion I have decided to record my ‘everyday inspiration’, here are the last couple of days… As process is something that I find quite interesting, as Its not just the finished product but the thought patterns behind the work that go into its story.


The intricacies in the Golden Strawflower are worth appreciation. To my eyes they mirror one of those kids Kaleidoscopes you turn, with similar effects of light and layers.


This Kangaroo Paw my darling brought home for me, surprised me as the first day it was just the velvety outer layer to be seen and the next day some flowers appeared! I love the idea of it being beautiful inside and out.

With Inspiration basically in every corner of my little world right now, I am having a Solo show at Now you see me Gallery, you can find more info here on the wonderful space for emerging artists. If you would like to be personally invited to the opening, leave me your postal address.

(My special guests will be receiving their invite about now, Yay!)



garden bed[1]2

This area has been wonderful to explore as its influenced other parts of my life too, not just the planting of flowers but also after thinking about Renewal, I have decided to dedicate more time on the mat for well being.

yoga mat

After all, its all connected, life and work. Edward Carpenter says it better     ” Let your mind be quiet, realizing the beauty of the world, and the immense, the boundless treasures that it holds in store “.

Enjoy Springs precious nature,

Kyla x


2 thoughts on “Introducing CURIOUSITIES OF SPRING.

    1. Thankyou Hariod, I appreciate your support : ) I will share some of the artworks here in progress and a gallery of finished works too-so you will be able to attend in some form : ) Be well, Kyla

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