Forget yourself, on finding joy.


I wish to share my joy with you today, because what else is joy for!

It was one of those mornings were I woke up really early excited for the day at 6.30am on my day off, even after going to bed at midnight. As my husband Adam is home today after a week away I started the day with music and tidying up (after living like a bit of a grub). It wasn’t until I stopped though, that the real peace and overwhelming joy came.

Allow me to explain…

A couple of hours ago I took myself out for breakfast just after a visit to my local newsagent, were I found a new mag called ‘Flow’ ; the title,cover had an affect on me and I knew I couldn’t leave without it. I found my favourite sunny seat in the window of a cafe I like to go to. It was definitely the act of slowing down , that allowed me to totally experience the moment I was in.

Naturally an article I came upon was looking at “a begginers mind”, which was about seeing with fresh eyes and without expectation.

I don’t know if you know those moments of euphoria where you feel connected to yourself and your world.

This morning I had one……I sat feeling my heart beating, but my mind gentle,the goodness feeling sucking a spoon of honey, I noticed the gentle breezes caressing the hedge in front of my window, the nostalgia of the Jack Johnson song playing took me back to being a 17 year old girl and the great guy I was with (feeling fondness),  the warmth welled inside as I watched the locals go about their day slowly (or was it just my mind seeing it clearer) and the grounded-ness of these people that touched me ( relaxed clothing, interactions between people-esp the petrol man filling a ladies car as they had a conversation, an older couple holding hands, with their grandchilds arm around his pop’s waist). Its moments like this that I could burst with pure JOY!

Then I came across this quote by Margrit Irgang from book An art of Living and it made sense;

” It happens when we forget ourselves, We forget that our skirt is not the latest fashion, and that we should have washed our hair. We’re not concerned with either the past or the future. We dont make plans and have no regrets. Its as if for a fraction of a second their in a vaccuum, without concious ego. Its a hot day;a car honks outside. Children shout something.And then ….you have a zen moment. It happens just like that. Life pours its heart out, unexpectedly, uninvited. It overwhelms us with a glow that is stronger than anything we have experienced “

Whatever you wish to call these moments, for me it is Joy. But its definitely a state of mindfulness, that is encouraged by breathing and making a conscious choice to ‘do’ nothing.


This work above (Go-to Calm) is dedicated to retaining that mind set. Actually all these recent small works in this installation, I feel are coming closer to sharing and connecting with this idea of the importance of breathe, calm and nature for a more mindful existence.


When and how do you just be free from yourself and experience the moment you are in?



3 thoughts on “Forget yourself, on finding joy.

  1. Thank you for sharing this rather beautiful experience here Kyla. As to your closing question, then one little trick I always found useful was to ask ‘where is awareness?’. I wrote an article on this recently [ ] explaining the matter in more detail, though would ask your forgiveness for appearing to plug my own writing on your site.

    With all best wishes.


  2. I saw a magazine the other day that I felt (unusually) drawn to, as I rushed past. I stopped, picked it up, thumbed through some pages, marveled at some pictures & put it back on the shelf. I’m going back today to buy it, because I know I’ve just got to! Thanks for your prompt!

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