Spring and everyday breath.

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It’s Sunday morning, It is Sunny already; perfect for breakfast and a skim through the papers in a favourite seat overlooking Mollymook Beach (We are housesitting for my In laws ; ) . I could of just so easy kept reading in the sun-drenched window seat for another hour, with another coffee as I often do. But I knew a session of Yoga would be epic and set the tone for the day ,  Here’s what I didn’t expect to learn from it:

  • The head you leave with is unbelievable. After a good session of Yoga your mind is so clear and grateful that you feel as though you have so much more precious hours in the day – Try it, I no kid!
  • Impermanence. As I was doing an intense flow yoga – there was one rolling into up dog where I heard a crunch- there goes my wooden wedding ring! (Or was the lesson take your rings of before exercise? ha ha) . Either way luckily this ring was hand crafted by my Pop who made spares for me, as things don’t last forever especially small bits of delicate wood : )
  • Yoga is when I breathe the most relieving breaths. Exhaling through movement is a very important place to let out any built up worry or stress and it feels amazing too!
  • This session made me aware of how important it is, to heighten moments of joy with little props or rituals etc. As when you are about to set up for your session you have the Dvd instruction ready to go, mat or rug- but its also so much better when you set the mood. Naturally with your yoga practice an incense stick is lit, But also before hand when changing into suitable clothes , But its also nice to apply a nice scent or in my case a face oil ( Perfect Potion : Soothe Oil) The lavender, Chamomile and Calendula in this face oil not only relaxes you, but this works as a focus tool also!
  • After being encouraged by the instructor on the DVD to set an intention for your yoga practice. I also took that technique with me that afternoon to the Gym . And I can tell you it was one of the more intense Cardio sessions I’ve had on my own! Adam even came to pick me up to go for a Stand up paddle and beer on the lake and said “wooh!, you look like you have had a good work out”! Which is a compliment to me, as I am very guilty for having very chilled workouts, where I don’t even get a red-faced or sweaty.
  • It is good to workout in gear where you can actually see your body working. In yoga I find it helpful to know how you are positioned and not be constricted by clothes. Yesterday I wore Adams boy leg undies , I was so much more in tune with my body somehow? (Its going to be my treat to get proper bike shorts this week, as It does feel a bit funny walking around the house and even just in pose with a boys pouch!)
  • Doing yoga feels very natural to me and in this way- It makes everything feel more connected: body, mind and Spirit! And to stay sane as an artist, I feel its very important to have these aligned and in working order!

On that note, I am going to get off the computer and chuck on an incense and those shorts ! Spring is an amazing time of renewal, so I hope I can continue daily yoga practice in line with this season, that is said to be a good time to contemplate health and well being, sew new seeds and start new projects. What seeds will you sew?

Kyla x




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