I am an artist.


Are you honest enough to say to yourself I am an/a…….. ?

( by nature and/or purpose) .

Studio Shot By Nikki Wright

Studio Shot
By Nikki Wright

I have been really hesitant to call myself  an artist, until probably last year. I wasn’t yet equipped with enough confidence to back myself up or so I thought. But then I found Who I was as an artist! An artist that paints to bring peace to herself and try’s to breath it into the world, an artist who paints to talk, to express the deep passion for certain things (nature, human nature)  that I cant express in conversation .

Not only that but to romanticize the world I see in front of my eyes- those dreamed-up images and thoughts on the world should never be kept to ones self !

To be that alter ego that hums inside with desires, that is actually you ! That young honest you , who doesn’t care what is right – the rule breaker, the open minded little girl who loves beauty in all forms .

I hope your honest with yourself xx



2 thoughts on “I am an artist.

  1. Well, you certainly sound like an artist from the above. And then when I view your work I can see that in fact you are. I like the humour and the under-stated concepts. I like quiet things myself.

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