About Kyla




Welcome to my peaceful nook of the web. 

Kyla Stone art is about seeing beauty in the once Ordinary. Its about finding connections between us beautiful humans and the amazing natural world. Its All about seeing life through a mindful lens, which then transforms our vision to notice life (nature, human, animal) and its perfectly imperfect, beautiful, vulnerable, intricate qualities. Its simply a peaceful vision of how life can be; when we are present and grateful. 

You can find more of my daily philosophies on my instagram page at @kylastoneart

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Kyla,

I am prolific creator… mostly of paintings, but sometimes in our garden, other times with a pen and some nice writing paper, hundreds of times on the dance floor with friends making up interpretive dance moves. Too often its creating ideas in my mind as I take a nature walk or as I travel somewhere new ; town or another country. I am hard wired to be curious and to wander, to connect with people- lately I’ve discovered how nice it is to have a nice honest talk with strangers. Nice strangers that is – not the ones your parents warned us of as children : )

 My creative language is expressed through watercolour ; its created with slow, mindful brushstrokes. It is my zen, quiet space that allows my sensitive heart to show and that is a big relief.

My art is as much about the concepts as the created forms. I am obsessed with ideas. I love seeing the world in a playful way, giving nature personalities – It allows me to see the world less seriously.

I am an artist, because i have endless ideas and so much insight and creative energy to offer this world.

When not in my studio, I am being a mumma to baby Fig (the latter is more where iam these days, as she’s not even two months old haha). You will often probably find me scouting out a good chai somewhere with a friend, finding beauty out in the world or giggling with girlfriends or being silly with my husband at home!

I believe ~

Quiet moments are the most creatively inspiring.

Connection is available to you once you show your honest, vulnerable, beautifully human self.

That everyone deserves compassion before anything else.

And baths, hugs and tea being life’s great comforts x

Where to next? 

Go check out my latest collection, over here


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